Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stop DHCP Client in Linux from overwriting DNS settings

Hello, I'm sorry for not posting in awhile. I don't know where I have been. On Thanksgiving break I will play some catch up on this blog. Anyway, do you hate your resolv.conf Nameserver's getting replaced with the DNS server set in the DHCP configuration? Well in Linux networking, if you are using DHCP to gather IP configuration, your resolv.conf which contains what DNS servers to use, will get overwritten by the DHCP client service that is running on your Linux box. This was REALLY annoying to me because I run bind on my CentOS machine and set the resolv.conf to for the DNS servers the machine will use, but when the networking gets restarted or the machine restarts it will change it to, which ticked me off. I found the solution. DON'T CHANGE IT TO BE UN-WRITABLE. I'm running CentOS 6.3 and this worked awesome. I'm not sure if it works with Ubuntu, etc. But anyway, you will need root. su - Type password to the root account. Make sure you have nano. yum install nano Now you will nano into the interface's configuration. nano /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 Replace eth0 with the name of your network interface. By default it's eth0. Set PEERDNS to no PEERDNS=no If it's not in there, add it on it's own line at the bottom. Ctrl X y Enter Now set the DNS servers you want to use. nano /etc/resolv.conf Enjoy, restart networking and see if it worked. I've restarted networking and the entire CentOS machine, and the config is NOT getting overwritten anymore. :D

Monday, October 1, 2012

How to SSH Tunnel

I will show you how to SSH tunnel via PuTTY, which will allow you to proxy your server and use it with Google Chrome and IRC. It's very similar to a VPN.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to setup BOPM Scanner bot

Do you want to protect your IRC network from CISCO's, unlisted proxies, etc.? Well, you can! My favorite program called Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor can scan user's connections for proxies, ciscos, wingates, etc. The results are phenominal. I had a CISCO botnet on my network, and BOPM knocked it out like it was nothing.  Before that I had 2,000 unlisted CISCO's getting in.
GTAXLnet Protected
GTAXLnet Un-Protected

Now, even GeekShed IRC has this problem with botnets. They have BOPM, but they don't have it configured correctly. As you can see below, GeekShed failed against a CISCO botnet (SAME BOTNET THAT HIT MY NETWORK, THAT'S HOW I KNOW THEY'RE CISCO'S) simply because they don't have the correct configuration. It's called SYNTAX ERROR, which means you suck at grammar.
GeekShed Un-Protected and should read this tutorial
As you can see, FAIL. Now, I've NEVER gotten PScan (My BOPM scanner) to work. I will tell you this, I took my time and did my homework. I learnt why it DIDN'T work and how to fix it. I FIXED it myself by testing many factors. In the process I learned that BOPM doesn't register the proxy to the IRCd. Which means it just fingers the port listening for a notice from the server known to it as a target-string and if it matches, BAM! Since BOPM doesn't register the proxy to the IRCd, it couldn't see the notice that the anitbot module sent out on connect. Doing a telnet to any GTAXLnet servers on port 6667 and NOT registering the user to the IRCd shows NO notices what so ever, resulting in Negotiation timed out. Let me teach you what these error messages me.
Negotiation timed out: Connection to the port and protocol was successful, but it didn't see the target-string within the set timeout time. 
Negotiation failed: Connection to the port and protocol failed, usually means connection refused or timed out (packets dropped or not able to reach host).
Now, the correction is to get a notice sent from the server when the user connects to the port, and isn't registered to the IRCd. A solution is to use GeekShed's servers instead of using your own and eating up your fd's, in other words "connections". I have show-connect-info, and identd-check off for GTAXLnet, and those give you a target string before user registration. I didn't feel like enabling one, so I went for a better solution. I did a nslookup on and looked for a good, not far out, ddos protected server that GeekShed has. I chose Jolly. I telnet'd into Jolly on port 6667 and whola, it gave me a target-string and I didn't even register the user to the IRCd. :D I also added in another target that would be the case of a zline, etc. that GeekShed would have on a proxy.
So, lets setup BOPM.
gunzip bopm-3.1.3.tar.gz
tar -xvf bopm-3.1.3.tar
cd bopm-3.1.3
make install
cd bopm
cd etc
mv bopm.conf defbopm.conf
wget --no-check-certificate
mv bopm.conf?dl=1 bopm.conf
chmod 600 bopm.conf
Now open up bopm.conf and edit it, read my comments to configure it correctly. You can nano into the config, or use sftp.
cd bin
chmod 755 bopm

The bot should start up and work lovely! If you are unable to obtain any of these files, just contact me. I have them saved in my archive. :D

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update for Avira Antivirus and some quick notes

Okay, I personally say Avira Antivirus is a GOOD program. Why? Cuz it works and it's lightweight, why else? In my opinion, it is paranoid. Now, there was an updated product version of Avira today, so I just now updated it. :)

 I've been getting those "Bad Image" errors in the past, and the solution is to add a file to exempt on all the Avira scanners. That file is: C:\Windows\winsxs\\COMCTL32.dll atleast it is for me running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. Add that file for exempt on all scanners in the Avira configuration. Hit Apply, then hit OK. Make sure to do this to ALL exception configurations in Avira. Problem solved for me. :) I think the issue was caused from a DLL that both Avira and another antivirus software would use.

What do I torrent?

Alot of people ask me what I torrent. They say "GTAXL you pirit" says the world famous Corey/paco. Well first of all, I LOVE torrenting because of it's technology and it's speed. The way torrenting works is basically you are downloading files from other people that have the file from multiple people/peers at once, making your overall speed GOOD. Also you give to the community just as they give to you. It's a big sharing center. I love to torrent because I love seeding! I believe in giving back to the community and it keeps my line active so it's not an inactive, pinging network. It only ties up your bandwidth on what settings you have set. And yes, mine are on unlimited. :P But I see no real problems with interwebz while seeding. Now you are wondering what I keep in my uTorrent. Well, you probably think I'm some BIG pirate that has like 4k movies, 60k songs, etc. downloading and stuff, WRONG. If I was to torrent something naughty, I wouldn't keep it in my uTorrent seeding. You see, sending illegal stuff puts you in worse shape then downloading it. Now, what I have seeding right now which is like 24/7 is usually operating systems. What kind of operating systems? LINUX BABY! :D Wanna see?
You like? That's what I thought. ;)

What to expect in the next GMB release?

When we first came out with GMB (GTAXL mIRC Bot) Professional, it was great, but you had to set it up and know what you were doing. The next version will make it so all you gotta do is open the start file and be good to go. We also bumped it up to the latest version of mIRC:
As you can see version 7.25. We are working out some bugs and this version of GMB seems to be getting caught by Anti-Virus software, so we might wait this one out until the NEXT mIRC version release. As always, we will configure mIRC to run at it's peak and give you cool scripts. We've been really busy working on other aspects such as our IRC network and haven't really worked on the GMB project. To be honest, I haven't been working on my bots which run GMB. Yes, if you know me by now, I can be lazy at times. :P But you know me, when I release something, it's good. :D

Fresh Proxy List 331k

Hello, need a list of proxies? Well here is my updated list that I collected. When I collect more or some become non-functional the list will get updated in newer posts. So these proxies are good as of 9/11/2012. Some may still be working just fine by the time you reading this. I have many contacts to get an even bigger and more rich list, I except this to be coming in a later post.


Where can I get this awesome proxy list at?
Simple, get it off my homeserver

That link doesn't work or your homeserver is down..
Okay, then feel free to contact me, visit my "Contact Me" page. ;)

Note: If you get flood the file your IP will be listed in the public blacklist and firewalled. So please play fair.

11 years later

Hello guys, today is 9/11/2012. Please remember what happened back in 2001 when the United States had a terrorist attack. It has been 11 years since this has happened.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fix Windows Update error 80070005

Hello, I have came accross a major problem that would restrict me from using Windows Update. It came up that there was an update for Windows Update it's self that needed to be installed. It would then get around to saying Windows Update can't find any updates and show a red circle with an X showing the error 80070005. I did alot of research and nothing worked.
Here's the solution that worked for me.
First: Does your account have admin? (Mine did and it still didn't work)
Second: Make sure your account is in the correct groups. Click Start, right click Computer and click Manage.
Click Local Users and Groups
Clicks Users
Right click on your account and click properties.
Select the Member Of tab.
Make sure it lists "Administrators, Distributed COM Users, Home Users"
You can add your user to the group by clicking Add... and typing it in the Enter the objects names to select box.
Click Apply.
Now time to make sure Windows' files are okay
Open cmd (Command Prompt) as Administrator and type in
Let it run and fix files.
Next thing to do go to C:\ drive.
Right click on Windows and click Properties
Tick Hidden. Say yes to UAC, and click Ignore All on the error'd files. Let it run
Tick Hidden again and do the same. Then make sure Hidden is un-checked.
Make sure Read-only is unchecked.
Click Start
type Services and press enter
Find Windows Update and click Restart.
Try Windows Update now! :) If it's like mine, it should work now.

You're Welcome.